The Village

May 15th, 2017 — May 19th, 2017


La Boite Studio & Parade Ground


La Boite & MDA Ltd


Todd MacDonald
Ayeesha Ash - Assistant Director
Silva A Sal - Assistant Director
Peter Sutherland - Stage Manager


Arwin Arwin
Ngoc Phan
Cieavash Arean
Joyce Joyce Jattu Taylor
Lili Sanchez
Muhammad Akram

Set Designer

Moe Assaad

Sound Designer

Wil Hughes

About The Village

A collaboration with refugee resettlement agency MDA Ltd, The Village immerses the audience in the real stories of refugees and people seeking asylum who have made Australia their home.

 The Village showcases the cultural diversity of Australia and honours the courage, strength and determination of the women, men and children who have made this country their new home.

The Village uses the verbatim stories of refugees and people seeking asylum to guide audiences on an experiential journey.

Witness how ordinary people have found themselves in extraordinary situations and persevered to tell their life-changing stories. Audiences will engage with these stories first hand through an interactive performance experience.

The Village has been created specifically with secondary students in mind, but everyone is welcome at The Village to enjoy this collaborative theatre project.

“It felt really real, authentic. Being immersed into it, you can appreciate the stories more and actually feel part of that journey.”- Teacher


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