When One Door Closes - On Tour

May 9th, 2017 — May 13th, 2017


Theatre Junction, Calgary, Canada 9-13 May 2017


A Circa and La Boite Theatre Company Co-production


Yaron Lifshitz & Libby McDonnell


Dramaturg Todd MacDonald


Oonagh Sherrard


Circa Ensemble

Costume Designer

Libby McDonnell

Lighting Designer

Jason 0rgan

“Take your children and your grandchildren, persuade every twenty-something you know to go along, for this is dance in all its rawness and astonishment which makes you realise the sheer wonder of the human body.” — Daily Review, Australia

Returning to Theatre Junction for the third time, Circa presents a new production When One Door Closes where three turn-of-the-century masterpieces collide with extreme acrobatic theatre.

Welcome to Circa’s candy-coloured world. A theatrical fantasia that sees these three masterpieces of turn-of-the-century drama meet the visceral force of extreme acrobatic theatre.

Sexy and kooky, thought-provoking and joyful, When One Door Closes invites you into a world of unhinged madness. A dreamscape where alternate histories jostle with past traumas. Where powerful women and men renegotiate their roles. Where love and desire dance their eternal, infernal dance. What happens when theatre runs away to the circus?

Created by Yaron Lifschitz and Libby McDonnell with the Circa Ensemble A Circa and La Boite Theatre Company Co-Production.

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